Pros and cons of Unlocking your iPhone

IPhone is an advanced handset and mobile device with a multitude of features. Usually iPhones are sold as a package deal from the network providers, and this limits the customer’s options. Unlocking your iPhone has many advantages, the main one being, compatibility with other networks. You might choose to migrate to another network because of the versatility of the functions provided by them, SIM deals or even because you might want to travel and use your iPhone for foreign networks. Unlocking also gives you the freedom of using more than one SIM, separate numbers for work and personal use.

Unlocking can give you access to many online software programs or apps. Unlocking also gives you the freedom to customize all the details on your phone. You can add voice commands, settings that were not possible earlier while it was locked to one carrier. You can find unlimited choices once you unlock your phone. It might come of surprise to many, but unlocking is legal, and is within the rights of the customer. You can unlock your phone and choose an operator to suit your every need. An added bonus to unlocking is that unlocked phones have a higher resale value, if you plan to sell them.

Though unlocking your iPhone seems to have a lot of benefits, there might be some points worth noting. Check the warranty with the existing carrier, as you do not want to lose on certain benefits which you enjoy now. Voiding the warranty might make you lose the privileges of repair and replacement. And, there is always a risk of damaging the factory settings of your iPhone, if you are using a third party software or hardware like SIM card. So, try only the tested and worthy methods of unlocking your iPhone and reduce the risk of damaging its integrity.